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Next 5 Harness Races to Jump

R1 Free Rides, Face Painting & Easter Eggs Ladyship Pace
R1 Lands Legal Pace
R1 Wallan & District Bendigo Bank 3yo Pace (1st Div)
R2 Pacers Restaurant Open Tonight Pace
R1 Easter Jackpots With Tatts Q1 Pace


R1 22h 32m        
R2 22h 57m        
R3 23h 22m        
R4 23h 47m        
R5 1d 0h 17m        
R6 1d 0h 48m        
R7 1d 1h 13m        
R8 1d 1h 43m        
R9 1d 2h 08m        
R10 1d 2h 43m        


R1 22h 38m        
R2 23h 07m        
R3 23h 33m        
R4 1d 0h 03m        
R5 1d 0h 33m
R6 1d 1h 00m
R7 1d 1h 32m
R8 1d 2h 03m


R1 22h 50m        
R2 23h 15m        
R3 23h 48m        
R4 1d 0h 18m        
R5 1d 0h 48m        
R6 1d 1h 18m        
R7 1d 1h 51m        
R8 1d 2h 18m        
R9 1d 2h 48m        
R10 1d 3h 18m        
R11 1d 3h 50m        

Albion Park

R1 22h 58m        
R2 23h 24m        
R3 23h 53m        
R4 1d 0h 24m        
R5 1d 0h 55m        
R6 1d 1h 23m        
R7 1d 1h 58m        
R8 1d 2h 28m        
R9 1d 2h 53m        

Port Pirie

R1 23h 41m        
R2 1d 0h 08m        
R3 1d 0h 41m        
R4 1d 1h 08m        
R5 1d 1h 40m        
R6 1d 2h 10m        
R7 1d 2h 42m        
R8 1d 3h 13m        
R9 1d 3h 40m        


R1 1d 1h 58m        
R2 1d 2h 35m        
R3 1d 3h 06m        
R4 1d 3h 35m        
R5 1d 4h 05m        
R6 1d 4h 38m        
R7 1d 5h 03m        
R8 1d 5h 33m        
R9 1d 5h 58m        
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Latest Results

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Race Results 1st 2nd 3rd
Gloucester Park R10 Senator Whitby Last Cheque Elusive Courage Nz
Gloucester Park R9 Glow Bright Pacific Playboy Bartowski Nz
Ballarat R9 Nike Franco Nz Here And Now Art Of Love
Gloucester Park R8 Mighty Flying Thomas Nz Mohegan Sun Justlikelindt
Penrith R9 Shes Got Issues Nz Missed By Red Remarkable

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