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Internet Credit Facility – Terms and Condition

Important information: Please note that the Credit Facility – Terms and Conditions governing the use of any account have been amended by IASbet on 24th October 2012 to, among other things, provide greater clarity around the rules which bind the use of any Credit Facility offered by IASbet and detail IASbet’s and Members’ respective rights and obligations (where applicable). The terms which are set out below take effect from 24th October 2012.

Who we are
1. ‘’ is the trading name of IASbet Pty Ltd (hereafter ‘IASbet’), ACN 070 479 720, a company incorporated in Australia under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). IASbet is a white label of Sportsbet Pty Ltd (‘Sportsbet’) which trades under the name and Sportsbet is licensed in the Northern Territory (‘NT’), Australia by the NT Racing Commission (‘NTRC’) to accept bets and wagers (together ‘bets’) by electronic transmission, 24 hours per day.  All references to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ in these Credit Facility -Terms & Conditions (‘Credit Terms’) is a reference to

2. These Credit Terms shall be read in conjunction with IASbet’s General Rules (hereafter ‘Rules’) located at (‘Website’) or by clicking on this link which apply to all IASbet Members. All definitions referred to in IASbet’s Rules (including terms referred to in capital letters) have the same meaning in these Credit Terms unless otherwise stated. In the event of any inconsistency between the Rules and these Credit Terms, the Credit Terms will prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.
3. IASbet reserves the right to change, amend or add to these Credit Terms at our discretion, and will publish such changes on our Website. You agree that any changes, amendments or additions published on our Website will be taken to be effective immediately. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the current Credit Terms governing their Account.
4. Unless otherwise stated in the Rules or in these Credit Terms, all correspondence between IASbet and a Member will be made via electronic mail (‘email’) to a Member’s nominated address and/or, at IASbet’s discretion, via SMS notification or telephone call to a Member’s nominated number or through such other mode, including ordinary mail, as IASbet believes the Member may be contacted.

Application by Member for Credit Facility on their IASbet Account and related Member obligations
5. A Member may make an application to IASbet for a credit facility on their IASbet Account (‘Credit Application’), that is, an application to bet using a line of credit provided by IASbet with a set limit (‘Credit Facility’).
. A Member warrants and represents to IASbet that the information supplied by the Member in connection with their Credit Application is true and correct and that they are not aware of any circumstances relating to them that will change in the foreseeable future which may alter IASbet’s opinion as to whether to approve the Member’s Credit Application or which may otherwise materially impact upon the Member’s ability to meet their payment obligations with respect to any Credit Facility that IASbet may agree to provide the Member. If any of the information contained in the Member’s Credit Application changes at any time prior to IASbet formally notifying the Member of the outcome of their Credit Application, the Member must promptly notify IASbet of any such change.
7. A Member will, upon request by IASbet confirm the accuracy of any information supplied by the Member in connection with the Credit Application.
8. Any failure by a Member to provide an accurate or complete Credit Application may result in IASbet declining the Credit Application.
For the avoidance of doubt, Members are responsible for monitoring the balance of their Account (including Credit Facility), and for complying with the Rules and these Credit Terms.
. The statement period (’Statement Period’) for transactions (including bets and deposits) relating to the Member’s Credit Facility will be a period of seven (7) days ending at 11.59pm on a Sunday. The first statement will issue at 11.59 pm on the next Sunday following the approval of a Member’s Application (’Statement Date’), and every seven (7) days thereafter unless otherwise agreed by IASbet.
. Members are required to settle any negative difference between any bets made by the Member on the Credit Facility of their Account (including unsettled (or unresulted) bets) and the sum of any deposits made by the Member (‘Account Balance’) within a period of seven (7) days ending on Sunday at 11:59pm immediately following the Statement Date with respect to bets made by the Member and accepted by IASbet during the preceding seven (7) days during the Statement Period, unless otherwise agreed in writing with IASbet (’Settlement Period’).
Members must settle their Account Balance using any of the deposit methods outlined in the banking section of the Website which is accessible by clicking this link:
. Where a Member has not settled their Account Balance for prior Settlement Periods then those prior Settlement Periods must also be settled by the Member.
Members who join IASbet and do not make a deposit before applying for a Credit Facility will waive their right to receive any initial deposit bonus from IASbet, as offered from time to time. Other free bet bonus offers may be available to Member’s with a Credit Facility.
Members who have an approved Credit Facility and who wish to participate in a IASbet special promotion such as IASbet’s Double Deposit Day promotion or other similar promotions requiring a deposit to earn a Free Bet reward accept that their Account must have a positive balance prior to the publication of the promotion, otherwise they will be ineligible to receive the Free Bet bonus.
A Member must immediately notify IASbet of any matter (including any potential mental impairment) which may lead us to reasonably infer that your ability to make sound judgments about betting or the utilisation of credit in respect of your Account may be impaired.
The Member acknowledges and agrees that all personal information held by IASbet may be used or disclosed by IASbet as set out below and as permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The information may be used or disclosed:
a. to enable IASbet to perform its obligations to the Member;
b. to enable IASbet to ensure that the Member performs their obligations;
c. to a credit reporting agency;
d. to maintain a credit information file about the Member;
e. to carry out IASbet’s own credit assessment on the Member;
f. for planning, research, promotion and marketing of our products and services;
g. to organisations associated with the provision of IASbet’s services, such as associated data centres, for marketing and analysis purposes;
h. to a potential purchaser of, or investor in, any business conducted by IASbet;
i. to law enforcement agencies to assist in the prevention of criminal activities.

IASbet’s rights and related matters
18. IASbet may, at its discretion:
a) consider a Credit Application in conjunction with any assistance it may seek from a third party credit reporting agency; and
b) approve or deny the Credit Application (including approve the Credit Application subject to conditions that IASbet considers appropriate) including but not limited to, agreeing to offer the Member a Credit Facility for an amount less than that requested in the Credit Application.
IASbet will notify the Member via email or post of the outcome of the Credit Application. IASbet is not obliged to disclose its reasons for declining a Credit Application or otherwise agreeing to offer a Credit Facility subject to conditions.
20. IASbet may, at its discretion, reduce any existing Credit Facility to a Member.
IASbet may terminate the Credit Facility at any time and may require payment from the Member of any outstanding Account Balance immediately thereafter.
IASbet will pay winnings to Members upon a withdrawal request or as arranged, via their preference of the available withdrawal options located on the My Accounts page of the Website when the Member is logged in to their Account. In order to withdraw from their Account, Members must comply with the Rules, including the Rules relating to withdrawals.
If a Member has not settled their account within a fourteen (14) day period from their oldest Statement Date with an outstanding debt, IASbet may suspend the Member’s account from further betting activity until the outstanding Account Balance is paid in full.
. If a Member has not settled their account within a twenty one (21) day period from their oldest Statement Date with an outstanding debt, IASbet may institute formal debt recovery proceedings against the Member to recover the outstanding Account Balance.
The Member agrees that IASbet may recover any costs which IASbet incurs in collecting the amount of an outstanding Account Balance which the Member has failed to pay within the Settlement Period.
A Member may be unable to place bets if their Account Balance at any time is equal to or exceeds the Credit Facility amount.
27. If IASbet in its discretion (or inadvertently), allows a Member to place a bet even though the placement of such a bet may result in the Credit Facility being exceeded, the Member will settle their outstanding Account Balance immediately upon notification by IASbet to do so.
. If, in addition to your Account, you also hold any betting account with a related body corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) of IASbet, including Sportsbet (‘other account’), you agree that we may set off any positive balance in your other account against any amount which is due and payable by you in relation to your Account.

Other Matters
29. If for any reason a Members Account or Credit Facility is terminated, the Members obligations under these Credit Terms (and the Rules) remains to, among other things, pay IASbet all outstanding monies owed to IASbet at the time the membership is terminated.
Part or all of any provision of these Credit Terms that is illegal or unenforceable may be severed from these Credit Terms and the remaining provisions (or parts of provisions) of these Credit Terms continue in force.
Waiver by IASbet of any provision or condition of these Credit Terms shall not be construed to be a waiver of any other provision or condition, nor shall such waiver be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same provision or condition. The failure of IASbet to enforce any of the provisions of these Credit Terms shall not be construed to be a waiver of a right of such party to enforce any such provision.
. These Credit Terms are governed by the laws of the NT and each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the NT, and both IASbet and the Member waive any right to object to any proceeding being brought in those Courts.


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